Why You Should Believe A Guy When A Guy Says He Doesn’t Want Marriage

I’m writing this article because I want to straighten out a question that I’ve gotten over and over from heartbroken and frantic women all over the world.

The question usually goes something like this:

“I’ve been with this guy for a long time and we have the most incredible connection – I’ve never felt a connection like that with anyone else and I know we have a future together. I’m sure we’ll be together forever but the one problem is that he says he doesn’t want to get married. How do I convince him that we’re perfect together and we should get married?”

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this question and the assumptions behind it are what’s behind 99% of suffering in the dating world.

So what’s the deal? Is it possible to change a guy’s mind? Can you convince a reluctant guy to get married?

What Should You Do If He Says He Never Wants To Get Married??

If a guy says he doesn’t want to get married, the best possible course of action is to believe him and proceed with your life as if what he said is true. You’re not going to convince him, or change his mind, or make him think otherwise, and trying to do so will only result in heartbreak. Furthermore, him saying that he never wants to get married is a soft way of saying that he doesn’t want to marry you, so trying to stick with him so that he sees how great it would be is only going to get you hurt.

he says he never wants to get married

The truth is, there’s only one course of action that won’t lead to heartbreak and terrible broken feelings.

If he says he doesn’t want to get married, you have to believe him.

I know I gave the answer away in the title a little bit, but it bears repeating. It never pays to try to convince a guy who doesn’t want to get married that he actually should.

Now, I’m not saying it’s impossible. Guys who swear up and down that they’ll never get married do sometimes marry!

Unfortunately for their partners, it practically never happens with them.

Guys who say they’re never going to get married when they’re with someone really don’t ever wind up marrying them – they only occasionally wind up marrying a different woman later.

Let’s look at why that is.

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