How Happy Retirees Use Hobbies to Get ‘Richer’

Despite the dusting of snow we had last week here in Georgia, the last few weekends at the Moss household have officially ushered in spring.

As a parent of four young boys (ages 8, 6, 4 and a newborn), you can imagine the swirl of activity on any given Saturday or Sunday. In February, my two older boys are still playing in their basketball league, lacrosse season has already started with two practices on the weekend, plus rehearsal for the school variety show, piano lessons, birthday parties, and so much more. All of these activities are on top of the daily grind of keeping up with homework and life with a house full of children.

Part of this full schedule is simply self-preservation for me and my wife, Lynne. With so many boys at home, it’s actually easier for us as parents to have their schedules jampacked with activities. Their focus can be on sports or music, or social activities, which helps soften the blow of constant brotherly wrangling and fighting.

I hope that all of this exposure to doing will lead to them having a full plate of activities they love when they grow up. I have no idea what will stick for them, but there’s a good chance that all of this activity will lead to some lifelong core pursuits.

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