Relationship Boredom: 13 Cures that Can Fix Your Love Life Forever

#7 Be a child. Don’t misread that as me telling you to have a child. Children won’t solve this! When we’re dating, we’re goofy, playful, and funny. So, why can’t you be that now? You should try goofy and playful in your relationship. When you lose that sense of playfulness, that’s when things become boring as you’re no longer curious. If you’re laughing, how can you be bored?

#8 Do things alone. Yes, yes, yes. I know this sounds weird and counterintuitive, but listen up. You need to do things alone. Not only does it give you some personal space, but then you have something to share with your partner. Do things that are out of your own comfort zone, activities that challenge you. You’ll feel more confident and lively after.

#9 Do something out of your comfort zone. This goes for your partner as well. If you both can do something out of your comfort zones together, even better. In relationships, it’s easy to fall into a routine, this is what may give you the feeling of relationship boredom. But, you can change that. Try a new activity together, take a class. Whatever it is, do something that you both wouldn’t normally do.

#10 Find a hobby you both love. If you both love hiking, great! If you both love scuba diving, even better! Now you have found a hobby which you both find pleasure in. So, go do it together. It’s something exciting, something different. You won’t feel guilty dragging your partner along with you to some hike, and they won’t feel like they’re being dragged along behind you.

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