Relationship Boredom: 13 Cures that Can Fix Your Love Life Forever

#3 Make a joint plan. The only way this will work is if you both are invested in fixing this feeling of boredom. You both need to work on parts of the relationship to depart boredom city. If you simply lost the excitement when talking to each other, you’ll both need to work on changing the routine to make your days more interesting.

#4 Change your perception. Your perception of the relationship is a huge factor in this. Your perception may not match reality, and that contributes to your feelings of boredom. Just because you have a routine that’s comfortable doesn’t mean your relationship is boring. Listen, a majority of relationships isn’t a Sex in the City episode. That’s the truth.

If that’s in your head, get it out. Enjoying your time watching a movie or cuddling doesn’t make the relationship boring, so as long as you enjoy your partner for who they are. Everything else is fixable.

#5 Look within. Usually, when we’re bored, it’s a reflection of ourselves. Our boredom usually stems from us not fulfilling a self-need. When you’re feeling bored, look within yourself as the answer may be right under your nose. The relationship is a safe space for you to grow in, so take advantage of that and explore your feelings.

#6 Have goals together. Sometimes, we just need to have something to look forward to to cure relationship boredom. You know, something that gives us a slight rush. Planning a trip together, for example, is one way where you can both look forward and work towards that one goal. You both have something to be excited about and share together.

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