Relationship Boredom: 13 Cures that Can Fix Your Love Life Forever

You find yourself yawning when looking at your partner’s face. But you don’t want to break up with them, you just want to ditch the relationship boredom.

Sometimes I think about the couples that have been together for twenty years and still somehow manage to excite each other. Twenty years! That’s a long ass time. Obviously, there were moments where they couldn’t stand looking at each other, but they managed to pull through the relationship boredom.

Every relationship goes through their periods where it feels like it’s more of a friendship than an intimate relationship. Some couples take that as a sign to break up while other couples see they just need to ignite the flame that was once there.

How to beat relationship boredom

Relationship boredom can make you feel alone in the relationship. And you feel negative about the relationship because of the lack of excitement or spontaneity. Boredom can take on many forms, it really just depends on what you consider to be boring for you.

But the point is, you feel it. You feel bored with your partner which is normal, but it’s based on your perception. So, if it’s based on your perception, that means you can change this.

By changing the way you view the relationship, you change the way you feel about it. Don’t start dividing your belongings and moving back into your mom’s house just yet. You may be able to fix this. It happens to the best of us.

#1 What is boredom to you? This is the money question right here. What is it about the relationship that you find to be boring. Depending on what you believe is boring in your relationship, the next steps will be different. Have you completely lost interest in your partner or is it that you still find them interesting but the relationship itself has lost its excitement? You have to know the answer to this.

#2 How does your partner feel? Ah yeah, you probably forgot about how they feel in all of this. Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of this. Maybe they feel the same way as you or maybe they’re really content. The point is, you don’t actually know because you didn’t ask them. It’s a hard question to ask, but once you see what makes them bored, then you compare and take the right steps from there.

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