I Crashed My Car And The Only Person Around To Help Is The Strange Man Lurking Outside

“Pleassse heeelp us.”

That wasn’t me. How were they sounding like me?

“Hannah, we need to call for help.” Ben’s voice, not mine. Not from that person, from Ben. That’s really his voice.

My thoughts centered again. “I tried, there’s no service. Where are we, what happened? I can’t remember where or what—“ My voice is breaking. I’m crying.

“Hannah, calm down, it’s okay. Why can’t you remember?” He turns towards me, his eyes sharp. He’s a nurse. He will know what happened. “Baby, does your head hurt? Can you remember how we got here?”

“My head…” It’s throbbing. I can’t focus. The smell is overwhelming. I turn back to the person. I could hear their breathing, jagged, deep, panting. Not enough, but not enough of what?

“Hey, hey! What are you doing? We need help!” Ben’s tone changed. From gentle to angry, wary. “Hey, what the hell!”

The person let out another growl. Why would they do that? I didn’t understand.

Then, he moved. He backed up. Too jerky, to slow, too stiff. On all fours. Crawling. No, standing now. Backing away. Swallowed by the trees. Too wrong. He didn’t move right.

My whole body ached. My head swirled, again. Ben’s hand rested on my shoulder.

“Hannah, don’t go to sleep. Hello? 911? We’ve been in an accident, were pinned underneath our car. My girlfriend is injured, we need help right away. No, I’m okay, but I think we need police, too. We might be in danger, there’s some dude lurking around our car. I-95, just past Walberg Exit.”

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