How to Save Money When Dating or In a Relationship

2.  Strategies to Save Money At Home

Dating: This might seem premature for a couple in the dating phase of a relationship. However, if your boyfriend or girlfriend comes over regularly, and uses your resources, a little teamwork goes a long way when it comes to saving money.

For example, if you offer the luxury of premium HBO television, your significant other can chip in with TV entertainment by paying for a shared Netflix streaming account.

Committed: When you’re already living with your significant other, responsibilities for the home doesn’t have to always fall on you. One of the best money saving strategies when living together is dividing up financial responsibilities based on a percentage of each person’s income.

If you’re making more than your partner, consider a 60-40 arrangement, where you foot 60 percent of the household expenses, and your lower-earning partner puts in 40 percent. This ensures that neither in the relationship feels overwhelmed financially, and acts as an effective savings strategy since neither individual is held responsible for 100 percent of your joint expenses.

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