How to Be a Sugar Daddy: The Inside Scoop on How to Play It Right

You’ve been thinking about how to be a sugar daddy, but you’re not too sure how it works. It’s time you learned what you need to do.

I can’t say I’ve been a sugar momma, but I know a couple sugar babies. They seem to be doing just fine with their sugar daddies. Let’s just say, I have the inside scoop. It’s not necessarily as simple as just throwing money at someone. I know, that’s what all the movies like to portray, but let’s be honest, this is the real world. There are rules to abide by if you want to know how to be a sugar daddy.

How to be a sugar daddy

Now, if you just accidentally landed on this page, you’re probably asking yourself, what is a sugar daddy/sugar baby? That’s a very good question. Basically, a sugar daddy is someone who provides financial assistance to their sugar baby. You can be a sugar momma with a male or female sugar baby, or you can be a sugar daddy with a male or female sugar baby, whatever your sexual preference is, you’ll be able to find someone.

Essentially, a sugar daddy and sugar baby have a relationship which is either sexual or non-sexual, it depends on what you’ve agreed to. But I don’t want to get into details right now, I’m going to dive into it further on, so keep reading. There are some things you need to know for how to be a sugar daddy.

#1 Understand that this is an agreement. When you’re in a sugar relationship, this isn’t a committed relationship. I’m not saying feelings cannot develop, but generally, this is something that develops within the sugar relationship.

In the beginning, you and your sugar baby may go for coffee or dinner where you test the chemistry. Then, talk about an arrangement. Understand from the beginning that you don’t own your sugar baby nor are they committed to you outside of the arrangement. 

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