Five Life-Giving Truths About Living Simply And Saving Money

2. The most frugal or greenest product is the one you didn’t buy.

Over the last decade, people have been quick to embrace “green” products such as LED lightbulbs and hybrid vehicles. Some of these advancements really do cut down on energy bills and emissions.

But many businesses have responded by using “greenwashed” marketing to confuse and appeal to more consumers. A shocking number of products are now “environmentally friendly” without any certifying body to confirm or standardize what that even means.

“Going green” has been coopted by corporations.

The kindest decision for your wallet or the environment usually isn’t marketed in magazines or on product packaging. Whether you’re looking to save money, live simply, or be greener, there’s a simple rule you should follow: the cheapest or most environmentally friendly product is the one you didn’t buy.

3. No individual product can make you a minimalist.

These headlines should frighten you: “Get This Unique Minimalist Watch While You Still Can” or “The Best Gifts For the Minimalist In You.” They are laced with affiliate links and goods that could occupy more space in your life and further empty your bank account.

What the writers are actually saying is, “Here’s another item that looks cool and you can spend money on.”

Similarly, stores that sell containers and organizational tools cannot make you a minimalist. They can help you spend money, hide clutter, and manipulate the appearance of your home. But the products contained therein require consistent maintenance, care, and careful organizational efforts.

The problem remains when we buy more to become simpler. Organization can help, but minimalism always comes from less stuff, not more. It is better to de-own, than merely reorganize.

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