Five Life-Giving Truths About Living Simply And Saving Money

People have set out to more remote places of the world, built homes of their own, and lived off the land. They’ve followed the sun—up at dawn, sleep at dark.

Our ancestors lived simply, by default.

Nowadays, however, people are challenged to live this way in a time of great technological advancement. Without wholly removing themselves from the world around them — their friends, family, workplaces, and devices — people are looking for a life, simplified.

Amidst material abundance and availability, our lives can sometimes look quite foreign from the homesteaders of yesteryear.

Today, intentional living is even more necessary. And in a world of increasing complexity, it is becoming more and more desired.

Here are Five Truths You Can Use to Save Money and Live Simply:

1. You can’t take it with you.

You’ve probably heard the truism “you can’t take it with you.” Or, perhaps you’ve heard “you only live once.” Both phrases seem to suggest that you should spend your money with little regard for the future—because you could be gone tomorrow. These sayings oftentimes can encourage consumption, spending, and debt.

Instead, let’s consider how we can use these statements to live simply.

If we cannot take something with us, should we lust after it? Should we go into debt to buy it? Should we spend countless hours maintaining it?

To live simply, we should adopt a rental philosophy for the goods we purchase. From this standpoint, we are temporary holders to the many material possessions we store. And not a thing we own will be ours after we pass. So, what’s important given this truth?

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