9 Things Wives Should Never Say to Their Husbands

Here are the nine things you should never say to your husband based on some of the top responses with a few that I’ve added:

1. “I don’t respect you.” Spend enough time in marriage and most couples will realize that men tend to desire and to need respect above many other needs. It’s is a devastating blow when a wife tells her husband that she doesn’t respect him. These words will cause wounds that will require a lot of work to heal.

2. “Why are you doing that?” A wife can also disrespect a man when she always questions his judgment. A man needs his woman to value and trust his opinions and decisions, even if they prove to be wrong sometimes. That means not constantly questioning his knowledge by saying, “Why do you say that?” or challenging his decisions by asking, “Why don’t you just stop and get directions?”

3. “Can’t you do anything right?” A man wants his wife to believe in him and his abilities. A man doesn’t want to hear “Can’t you do anything right?” or words like “You’re not a handyman; I’ll call the plumber” or “Sports isn’t your thing. I’ll ask John to teach him how to throw the football.” A guy doesn’t want to be shot down before he even gives it a chance.

4. “I told you so.” Nobody likes to be reminded when they did something wrong, but this phrase adds a new twist to that relationship dagger. It communicates not only that the husband was wrong about something but seemingly declares just how right she is about something. It’s a belittling and demeaning phrase which may serve to make the wife feel better about herself and her own judgment, but it pulls down her husband in the process.

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