8 forbidden and forgotten spots around Arizona

Arizona might just barely edge past the 100-year mark, but its vast, dry landscape still houses a number of long-forgotten places and objects. Once bright and burgeoning, these sites now lay deserted and collecting dust.

Though the barren deserts, mountains and valleys of Arizona are freckled with nearly as many forgotten sites as it is with saguaros, here are just a handful of highlights that serve as vestiges of Arizona’s neglected past.

Decaying Dog Tracks

While both of the abandoned dog tracks described below have been well trodden in the past by urban explorers/trespassers, they are located on private land and visitors are not allowed.

Black Canyon City Dog Track

Located about 40 miles north of Phoenix, just off I-17 near Black Canyon City, the Black Canyon City Dog Track has been ravaged by vandals and the elements since being abandoned at the end of the 1980s. Built in 1967 by the Funk family, the dog track ran greyhound races until closing in 1982.

Swap meets subsequently took over the space throughout the decade, but by the mid-’90s, the track was completely desolate and at the mercy of squatters, who busted most of the stadium chairs, shattered all the glass, stripped the plumbing, and spray-painted the walls. The pigeons have pretty much taken over now.

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