7 Unmistakable Signs A Man Is Ready To Commit

So you want to know the signs a guy is ready to commit to you.

Waiting to see whether a relationship is going to make the jump to the next level is a stressful time – especially if you don’t totally know how he feels about it.

Is the relationship going to get more serious? Are you misjudging the situation? Does he feel the same way?

It’s enough to stress you out and completely throw you off your game.

That’s why I’m here. I’m going to give you the biggest signs a guy is ready to commit, so you can figure out where he stands before you get too invested (or, if you’re already there, you can figure out exactly what to do next).

So without further introduction, here are the biggest signs that a guy is ready to commit to you.

Watch For These Huge Signs He’s Ready To Commit

1. He Reaches Out To Hang Out With You First

A good measure of how interested a guy is in a relationship is his excitement level.

How excited is he to spend time with you? How excited is he when you make plans? How much effort does he put in to see you?

That’s why it’s good to watch how much effort he puts in towards making plans.

If you’re the one who’s always reaching out first to see him, and he never initiates plans, it’s a bad sign for the future of your relationship. It means he’s not that excited or motivated to see you (which means he’s probably not all that serious about the relationship).

But if he’s the one reaching out first to make plans to hang out? That means that he misses you when you’re apart – and he’s motivated and excited to see you.

And that’s a very good sign for where the relationship is going to go from here.

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