6 spooky mysteries of the Great Lakes

Ghost Fleet of the Great Lakes

No bodies of water that have had as many shipwrecks as the Great Lakes are able to get away without being haunted by ghost ships, and there are so many on the lakes that the spectral vessels are collectively known as the “Ghost Fleet.” Shipwrecks in the Great Lakes weren’t unusual—their size and potentially devastating weather patterns make them closer to inland seas, with the accompanying risks to ships.

The oldest of the Great Lakes ghost ships is Le Griffon, which vanished on Lake Michigan in 1679. It was rumoured to have been cursed, and has since been seen tracking a collision course with other vessels in Michigan Harbour, only to vanish before contact. Its wreck has never been definitively located.

Another ship in the ghostly fleet is the Bannockburn, a Canadian freighter which disappeared in 1902 on Lake Superior. It is still reported to be sailing the water of the lake, most often between Port Arthur, Michigan and the Soo Locks between Lakes Superior and Huron.

Other ships in the Ghost Fleet include The W.H. Gilcher (Lake Michigan), The Western Reserve (Lake Superior), The Erie Board of Trade (Lake Huron), and The Hudson (Lake Michigan).

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