6 Secrets To Spice Things Up in the Bedroom and Make Him Crave You

It may sound cliché to you, but every relationship needs a little something special in the bedroom!

You’ve heard it time and time again and have probably wondered if it’s really that important. Can it be that sex is really and truly that important to a relationship?

As a woman you probably don’t have the sex drive that your man does, though you may view it as something that is just there. Not that all women are like this, but the vast majority wonder why this is so important to men.

You can have a really great relationship, but if the sex is at a standstill, boring, or even nonexistent, it can literally kill things.

And that’s the reason I am sharing this article on heating things up in your sex life.

#1. Why Does Sex Matter So Much?

So of course I can relate the importance of sex to a couple that I met with. They were a pretty common, run of the mill, average couple that seemed happy and at a good point in their relationship.

They had been together for about four years and he had recently proposed. She seemed to be enjoying the engagement phase, while he seemed a little unsure.

I see that all the time as the man of course takes longer to embrace this new phase of his life—so nothing seemed out of the ordinary to me!

They were both good looking, seemed like two great individuals, and as they told me about their life together they appeared to have a lot of fun together. So what was the major malfunction?

I couldn’t figure it out at first until I saw him reach for her hand, and she sort of pulled away. Then he tried to grab at her leg in a playful way, and she turned the other way.

What was going on?

Was she emotionally unavailable or was there something lurking beneath the surface?

We were talking about their relationship and of the road ahead into marriage. They came to me as a proactive measure to start their upcoming marriage off on the right foot.

I wanted to dig deeper to see what was making her turn away every time that he tried to be a little physical with her. I couldn’t understand what was making her so closed off.

So I asked the ultimate question—how is your sex life?

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