5 New Moon Rituals For Love, Money, Health, Abundance And Detox

New Moon Rituals

Try these new moon rituals based on your desired outcome:

A new moon ritual to attract a job opportunity

Light a green candle and take a sheet of paper and write down a list of things you want in a job. Be specific. Write down the title of the job you want, the company you want to work for, what you want the office to look or feel like — anything that’s important to you.

On the other side of the paper write down at least 10 things you would bring to the job (I am a good communicator, any company would be lucky to have my design skills, I am eager to learn, etc). When you are done, seal the paper in a green envelope and leave both the envelope and the candle somewhere you will see them every day.

On the next full moon, light the candle again and burn the envelope and paper inside. This doesn’t mean it will take a full lunar cycle to manifest your new job opportunity (it may take more or less), it’s just completing the cycle of setting your intentions for your new job on the two most powerful days of the lunar cycle.

A new moon ritual to attract a new romantic relationship

Light three red candles empty a container of seeds into a small pot, fill with dirt. Place a piece of rose quartz in the dirt (or if it’s too large, next to the pot).

On a piece of paper write a list of things you want in your new romantic partner. Be specific about the way you want them to make you feel, attributes they should have, even their name. On the other side, make a list of qualities you will bless this new person with (I will make them feel listened to, I use my culinary gifts to make them happy, I’ll share my love of movies with them). When you’re done, seal this paper in a red envelope.

Sleep with the red envelope under your pillow until whatever you planted is large enough to replant outside. Burn the envelope and bury the ashes with the plant.

Each time you pass by your plant, or make sure the envelope is tucked under your pillow, remind yourself about what you hope to both give and gain in your new romantic relationship.

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