43 Experts Reveal Their No. 1 Daily Success Habit

The truth is success usually comes down to the decisions that you make every day.

In other words, it’s your habits that often determine your success in any endeavor.

With that in mind, I asked 43 experts and bloggers from various fields (personal finance, productivity, minimalism and self-help) to answer one simple question:

What’s your #1 daily success habit?

What’s interesting is that 14 experts identified the habit of planning their day the night before (usually through a to-do list) as their #1 habit. On the other hand, eight pointed to meditation and/or prayer (as part of a morning routine) as their trick to being successful. Others credited practicing consistent self-enrichment activities, such as reading, writing or listening to podcasts first thing in the morning.

Read on to find out the details for each success habit…

1. Dragos Roua – DragosRoua.com

00 Dragos RouaIn order to answer to this question, I first have to define “success”. For me, success is not necessarily money in the bank. Or fame. Or possessions. For me, success is happiness acknowledged. And, for me, happiness is a process, not a goal. Hence, my number one habit for keeping the processes going on is discipline. Or the ability to do things even when I don’t like to do them.

2. Ludvig Sunström – Start Gaining Momentum

00 Ludvig SunströmI start each day by ‘activating my brain’. This means that I avoid any and all technology for the first hour(s) of the day, until I’ve achieved a critical mass of internally generated mental focus. I usually do this by reading, writing and reflecting or meditating. This helps to keep me focused and creative throughout most of the remainder of the day, at which point I execute on my to-do list.

3. Neen James – NeenJames.com

00 Neen JamesMy #1 daily success habit professionally is investing 15 minutes every morning to identify my top 3 not negotiable activities for completion today. I do it every day and write it on a post it note that says ‘Today I will …’ and list my three.

My #1 daily success habit personally is that every day I send one thank you note (mostly hand written notes) or send one text message to thank someone or leave one voicemail to thank someone.

4. Daniel Hayes – Simple Life Together

00 Daniel Hayes

Hands down, my #1 daily success habit is my morning walk.

I walk four miles (about an hour and 15 minutes for me at a comfortable pace).  My morning walk serves as exercise, and a walking meditation practice. I often listen to audiobooks and podcasts for a good portion of the walk, as well.

My morning walk clears my head but also sets the stage for good ideas to “pop” into my head. Some people do their best thinking in the shower…for me it’s my walk! This prompts me to journal my good ideas using my iPhone’s voice function in the DayOne app.

All in all, my morning walk serves me as a true keystone habit; one that sets in motion a series of additional positive changes that complement and build on one another.

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