The following question was asked to 30 men on AskReddit, “What is something girls do that they don’t realize hurts your feelings?” Here are the 30 top-rated responses.

1. When our daughter was still an infant, my wife would sometimes take the baby away from me to comfort her when she was crying. It made me feel like a shitty father. Why wasn’t I good enough to comfort our child? It’s was an instinctual reaction of course. My wife meant nothing by it. But I had to make her realize what she was doing and how it made me feel.

2. When we fight, and I feel like I’m going to say or do something I’ll regret, I tend to just walk away and sit in another room for a while until I cool down.

She will get on her phone and call her friend and LOUDLY complain to her about me and how wrong I am and how I’m being an asshole for no reason. And she’ll usually start cleaning or picking up after me to dramatically show what a lazy piece of shit I am because I’m just sitting there.

I get it. She’s pissed. But I wish she wouldn’t always involve her friends in our fights and use them against me.

3. I am going to a divorce support group at my local church, it’s like 8 to 10 women, and 3 to 4 men. As we introduced ourselves, one of the women said she was surprised that there were any men in the group…she didn’t think men were affected emotionally by divorce. The next man introduced himself as a divorced man who hadn’t been allowed to see his daughters for that last 8 months.

I want to repeat something – since I have seen some nasty comments – the women at this group were not really being MEAN or MALICIOUS to the men – they are all very devastated/shell-shocked about their divorces all in a lot of grief, but -they seriously – to a person – did not understand why any man would be at an “emotional support group” for divorce. One woman said it aloud – and the rest of the women nodded and said “yeah” in agreement to her statement. I was not angry or “hurt” by what she said – just really confused by the sentiment – considering that this is a military town with lots of returning soldiers who are suffering from PTSD – and those guys are known to support groups to deal with their trauma – it’s not a secret.

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