26 BEST DIY Fun Garden Projects Made with Clay Pots

The garden is the most used space in this season. So why not add some wonderful refreshing DIY decorations for your garden. There are a lot of very interesting and creative projects that can help you dress up your unique garden. But here we suggest you to start with a terra cotta clay pot.

They are fairly inexpensive and you can spend no effort to find them. All you need to do is to collect the ones suitable for your project and start your amazing garden projects. It is not difficult as long as you unleash your imaginations. You can also take a look at 26 ideas below we gathered for you. These ideas have given the fullest tutorial or most details, so can completely do it yourself. Have fun!

Image via: recycledawblog.blogspot.com

Full Tutorial: birdsandblooms.com

Full Tutorial: diyshowoff.com

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