15 Things That Are Scientifically Proven To Attract Women

Can’t seem to attract the attention of that special someone? Why not try applying some of the things that really matter – things that are scientifically proven to attract women. It’s not fair when you consider things like height that you can’t change regardless of how hard you try (even plastic surgery can’t make you taller). And I’m not saying that you need to completely change yourself, but rather that you want to attempt to be a better version of you because that special someone is worth it. So if your old tactics haven’t worked, then it’s time to kick them to the curb and start thinking differently. It’s time to polish your image and really stand out.

Here, we’re going turn to the experts who have done the dirty work for us. In randomized studies, they’ve gathered the facts of what traits women are most likely to find attractive in men. Some of these you might find surprisingly easy to do such as growing a little bit of a short beard or just buying a box of chocolates. Whatever you decide to do, analyze where your relationship is at and apply the things that might work in your favor.


Women have an especially keen sense of smell and they will always be attracted to a good masculine scent. If you’re trying to attract that special someone, try investing in some good cologne. And if you don’t want to take any chances, don’t go cheap with something like Axe (although it would be better than nothing). Instead, something like Burberry or Calvin Klein is sure to win you some quality attention. Women are attracted to men who groom themselves and this starts with an attractive smell that is inviting yet not too overwhelming. Making cologne a regular part of your morning routine is sure to transform your overall image for the better.


According to an Australian research study done in 2013, facial hair plays a huge role in influencing the way a woman perceives a man’s masculinity and attractiveness. The study concluded that the most attractive beard is a “heavy stubble” length, which is the length of the beard after ten days of growth. Women love a man who can grow an intermediate beard and keep it well-groomed and maintained. It correlates with a man’s maturity, dominance, and aggression. This is one reason why many women find the beast from Beauty and Beast extremely attractive even before he transforms into a human.

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