14 Phrases a husband should never say to his wife

Don’t put your foot in your mouth!

For some, being a husband is a lot like playing a video game. They rush right into it, don’t read any instructions, and learn by trial and error. And when the game gets too difficult, they get mad and have a “mantrum” which includes saying mean things to the game or about the game.

Not all men are like this, but I’m sure you know a guy, or two, or three that fits the bill. I have compiled a list of phrases I’ve heard others say either directly or indirectly via their spouse. Please, if you know “someone” (wink, wink) that may be using these phrases, sit him down and have him read this list.

Here are 14 phrases good husbands never say to their wives:

1. “You don’t make me happy”

Although this is actually correct for another reason (your happiness is a product of your thoughts), this is still a poor choice of words. That’s like blaming your wife because you can’t remember your email password. Instead, tell her you’re struggling to feel happiness in your life right now.

2. “I never thought we’d be married this long”

I’m pretty sure you will open either a can of worms with this statement or a can of whoop ass. There really is no way to come back from this statement. And, honestly, there’s no way I can help you with this.

3. “You’ve changed”

You wanna know who else changed? You! I prefer the term, “evolved.” In a marriage, you’re both supposed to evolve. Instead, tell her specifically what is troubling you in the marriage so that the marriage can evolve in a healthy way.

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