14 Common Reasons Why Relationships Fail Often

Why does love fall apart for the silliest of reasons? Read these 14 common reasons why relationships fail, and learn to fix them before it’s too late.

Relationships fail often.

It’s a fact of life.

You’d be hard-pressed to find two people who were each other’s first love and they loved each other until death.

That’s the stuff you find in many viral news stories.

And the reason these stories of perfect couples become so popular is because it’s what so many people aspire to be.

The problem, though, is that some people learn that their relationships are headed for failure, and they learn it the hard way.

So if you’re aiming for a relationship that’s practically fail-proof, you’d have to know some of the reasons why so many relationships end badly.

14 common reasons why relationships fail so often

Take note that the failure of a relationship can be attributed to one or a combination of the following factors.

So if you find that your relationship is facing these problems, it may be best to try and work it out so it doesn’t ruin the hard work you’ve put into your relationship.

#1 Relying on your partner for your happiness. This is common among people who have either low self-esteem or have very few good things going on in their life. The problem with this is that it may put too much pressure on your partner. How? It will always feel like your partner has such a huge role in your life, and that without him/her, you’d be a miserable heap of tears. This kind of dependence is not healthy in any kind of relationship!

#2 Not standing up for yourself. There may be times when you forego your own desires so you can make your partner happy. This is called a sacrifice.

But if you keep doing this and your partner learns that they can easily ignore your wants, you’ll start to feel your sacrifice taking its toll on you. One day, you might wake up and feel so used that you end up snapping and breaking up with your partner.

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