10 Stages of a Breakup and How to Get Through Them

Breakups are inevitable when it comes to your search for love. We’ve identified the 10 stages of a breakup—and how to get through them alive.

Breakups. They are definitely not the most fun things in the world. If you’ve ever put yourself out there and gotten into the dating world, you’ve been there: the place where you feel like you’ll end up all alone, with nothing to accompany your journey, other than an excessive amount of cats, too many empty buckets of ice cream, and the ever-present glow of your laptop screen.

Breakups are hard. You spend so much time with one person that you think could be “the one,” and then one day, you wake up and have to just cut them out of your life, as if they never made a mark. When I put it like that, it just seems crazy that this is how finding your soul mate works.

It’s like completely cutting out your favorite TV show—or junk food. You miss it. You even go through withdrawals, of sorts. Personally, I think I have a cuddling addiction, and definitely go through withdrawals after a breakup.

The lack of human contact is probably the number one thing people struggle with after a breakup. But that is certainly not the only thing people struggle with. The absence of someone that you’re so used to having around is hard to get past.

The 10 stages of a breakup and how you can get through them!

There are many stages of a breakup. None are easy, but there are ways to get through them all, and you will move on and be happier if you know the secrets to getting through each stage quickly and effectively. I’ve been through my fair share of breakups, so I, with some help, have put together the stages of a breakup and how to get through them.

#1 The initial pain. Cue the runny mascara, buckets of ice cream, and binge watching romantic movies. Initially, everybody *if they really cared for their partner* is going to be hurt and they’re going to show it. The crying, the moping around, and the distance from friends is definitely a part of this painful stage.

One way to get through this is to just let it all out. Get all the crying out of the way and let yourself feel it. Holding it back will only delay moving on and make it a lot harder—and more drawn out—than it needs to be. Let yourself be hurt.

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